Thursday, 19 November 2009

Aussie Competition: Enter now, you know you want to!

Being an Aussie Angel has been so much fun, and i'm so glad they asked me to get involved! The best thing is the little suprises, like this biscuit tin that arrived in the post this morning.

In it was a Tim Tam (which I am munching on as I type!) and a personalised card inviting me, and all of you guys, to take part in a competition!
I think this could well be one of the most fun competitions I have run on this here blog, because it involves us all getting creative! Here is the blurb, from the Australian horses mouth itself:
"We know you're really a clothes horse (not a hair horse) and we want to know what Aussie really means to you. What beyond the Mmmmm, the Aaaaah? What if Aussie were an outfit? What would it look like? What would the care label say? Show us what an Aussie tailor would produce. Ask your community (that's you guys!) to do the same. Revel in your collective awesomeness"
So there you have it! All you have to do is be a follower and let me know what an Aussie outfit would look like in the comments. You can either describe it in words or upload a link to a picture; i'm working on mine now and will reveal all this afternoon. I think this could be a whole lot of fun!
In the usual Aussie cryptic way, I have no idea what the prizes are, but they're sure to be awesome! The competition closes on the 30th November, so get creative now!
Love, Tor xx
UPDATE: Most prizes will be UK based "experiences", BUT further to a bit of discussion, International readers are invited to join and if they are chosen as the winner, we'd be able to substitute the "experience" prize with a gift we could send in the post.


Sophie said...

Aussie Angel competition entry!

Ok so I have tried to think about what I like about Aussie and why I use goes....

No.1 Aussie gives me hair confidence so this translates (in my head) to a Sparkly Jacket. Something that will make you stand out and look great.

No.2 Aussie gives me Volume, something I would normally lack. So I thought heels, platform open toe, super high, megatron heels. These look painful but you can actually walk with ease. Similar to volume, looks hard to get but actually isn't (with the right help).

No.3 Aussie gives me everyday comfort. I know that it is something that won't let me down. Just like a trusty pair of jeans.

No.4 Aussie makes my hair look cool everyday, literally without fail. To complete the outfit of Aussie, a rock tee, either with my favourite rock band (GnR) or a soaring eagle.

If Aussie were an outfit, this would be it.

Sophie x

Make Do Style said...

Ah tough one as Aussie is natural and easy so do I go boho chic or do I go mega and go all out for glamour.

But then I could find an outfit that is a 3 minute miracle so I can just get dressed very quickly.

Maybe I will opt for a reconstructed look with a party look to match my shiny locks - I'm thinking diamanté, YSL Tribute shoes and a little black dress.

If someone doesn't whistle and call me a fab Sheila there'll be trouble!

gleenn said...

hi Tor, is this competition open to all even to international bloggers? ;)

tor (fabfrocks) said...

@gleenn I think so but I will double check with the Aussie team and get back to you!