Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Wardrobe Weekly #1

Becky often says that she could shop faster and more efficiently for me than I could for myself. Such is her confidence in knowing my style. And she's probably right: when we hit the shops (which is often) she always picks out things for me that are exactly what i'm looking for.

This can mean only two things. Firstly, that Becky is a genuis (which is true) and has a future career path mapped out in front of her as a stylist extraordinaire. Secondly, that the way I dress is at best formulaic and at worst, pretty predictable.

With this in mind, I'm not sure how exciting this newest addition to the site is going to be (But i'm going to give it a go anyway, so let me know what you think!) I've badly photographed my outfits from the past week for your viewing pleasure. The idea is to showcase my 'personal style' (for what it's worth!) and highlight how my changing moods affect my wardrobe decisions (apparently!) Becky will be doing something similar for compare and contrast fun!

Here goes:



Ever have those days where its cold and on/off miserable but you just can't bring yourself to wear a coat...again!? Well Tuesday was one of those days! The overall look is black (which by now shouldn't come as a surprise!) and conservative, because Tuesdays are work days, but a little bit scruffy and a little bit hippie. Because I was just in one of those moods!
Tiered floral dress, Oasis. Long black cardi, Primark. Sunglasses, Accessorize. Bracelet,Car boot sale. Patchwork bag, Dorothy Perkins. Black scarf, stolen from my sister.


Today's outfit is, I admit, not one of my best. Wednesday is the only day that i don't have either work or uni, and although I probably should've tackled some reading I decided to veg out, only leaving the house to pop for a loaf of bread.

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