Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Handbags: just the way you want them

Another week, another make-it-yourself website to become addicted to. This week i'm addicted to Freddy&Ma: a really stylish and well put together site that allows you to create your own handbag. Rather than tell you how fun and easy it is, i'm just gonna let the pictures do the talking; the step by step is so easy to follow, the the final results look gorgeous and polished:

I really liked the 'hobo' shaped bag, and those panels meant a lot of space to work with colours and fabrics. So first you choose the leather:

Obviously, I had to choose tan! (i dont think I can write again about how much I love it!) next the fabric; I loved this one because it was so brash and 'bling'-
Finally, you can change the colours of any of the panels to create a contrasting effect, and change any 'hardware' on the bag: choosing between gold or silver.

And Voila! Your final product is complete! It's not exactly what i'd call highstreet cheap (this bag costs $310) but it's fun and the final products look polished and well put together. And with all of these make your own sites, half the fun is in playing with the options and create something that's unique and represents your personality; and you cant get that on the highstreet! I am, of course, finding it slightly addictive: there are literally thousands of fabrics and everytime I think i've found my favourite one I see another-

Hmmm, I wonder whether designing a handbag counts as a 'homemade' valentines gift? Here's hoping......

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