Friday, 29 February 2008

Big Baby

Hello blogosphere,

It's late. I have to be up tomorrow morning for a important meeting at work. Predictably, I have the last word in chronic insomnia. Maybe that's why I'm in tears over the latest A/W 2008 Hussein Chalayan collection. According to, the collection is a loose narative on the evolution of man. Obviously it was ace: the models were smiling, there was the usual Chalayan lightshow spectacularrrrr and some fabulous cavewoman ballgowns.

I'm not crying because of that though. It's all about this dress:

Maybe I'm overtired. Maybe I'm pre-premenstral and broody as fudge. But a dress with an inbuilt baby monkey cuddle is basically my must-have item of the decade. I'll grow sharper incisors and begin a chest-beating rampage in Dover Street Market until they give it me. Fo' real.

Lace can officially go to hell.



Susie Bubble said...

DSM will surely be the first port of call.. I will go there to prod the baby...

bronwyn said...

Totally wierd! I wonder if you have to feed it?