Monday, 11 February 2008

Bananas for the BAFTA's

We all have our guilty pleasures; some people drink or smoke to excess. Others overspend every time they hit the shops. Some like the occassional crafty toke on their crack pipe. Me? I care a little to much about the goings on in celeb land, and have an unhealthy interest in what those crazy celebs like to wear.

This means that last nights BAFTAs sent me into a whirl of delight as I oohed and aahed at big hair, big dresses, and make up applied so much more expertly than it ever looks when I have a go! I hate reading cheesy 'who wore what to where' posts, and I promise this won't be an everyday occurance, so if you indulge me with my fancy frock moment it won't happen again (until the Oscars of course!)
Kiera Knightly and Sienna Miller were on the front page of all the London and most of the National papers this morning, and granted they both looked stunning, but it was all a little repetitive and obvious for my liking (a floor length Dior jersey black dress, Sienna? You trendsetter you!)
Keira DID look amazing in this Valentino couture gown, but it's hard to get excited about a dress so similar to hundreds of dresses Ms Knightly has worn before.

It was to lesser well known household names that I turned for my fancy dress inspiration. Now you should all know by now the overwhelming bias I have for all things leopard print, but I think Diablo Cody (The screenplay writer who won the BAFTA for Juno: which I am desperate to see!) looked stunning. Not only did the dress look fabulous and cling to all of her curves, I love her attitude: not anyone can pull of a head to toe leopard print look (unfortunately!)
Other celebs on my 'yes list' are: Naomie Harris in floor length turquiose Escada, Kate Hudson in figure hugging gold metallic, and Marion Cotillard in what I can only describe as a floating, swan-like dress: my absolute favourite!

For some reason alot of the press i've read really hated this dress (It was a miss, not a hit) But I don't care: It just really is too beautiful! SIGH. When I get invited to fancy parties by couture houses, this is the dress i'd wear.

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