Thursday, 7 February 2008

Betsey Johnson loves me.....

I love Betsey Johnson. In fact, last time I was in the States I blew my entire holiday budget on a rodeo style oversized tan and cream leather handbag. (And borrowed money from my parents for everything else for the rest of the week: when there's fashion there need not be sense)

And it seems that Betsey Johnson loves me back: Or at the very least, designed her A/W08 ready-to-wear collection with me in mind. (yes, I am that self obsessed and the whole world does revolve around me) Almost every single piece in the collection incorporates one of my own personal favourite things; leopard print (my biggest obsession, cheesy or not) floral, geek chic, and sailors.

These pictures excite me so much; I can imagine myself wearing every single outfit, and quite frankly I think I could make them all rock!

There's nothing nicer than seeing a whole new season range and knowing you can recreate it for free from the content of your own wardrobe: except of course maybe being able to afford to buy the full range.

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Eli said...

what awful models though, ick.