Sunday, 3 February 2008

Lest he forgets.....

Without sounding like a spokesperson for Hallmark, I thought i'd better mention that Valentines day is fast approaching. Now i'm not normally one for commercial holidays. And I know that Valentines day is the most meaningless and commercial holiday of them all. And I am aware that Valentine's day is mostly disapointing for us mere mortals, pocket filling for the companies that sell us our trinkets, and pretty miserable for anyone without a significant other. But I also think that any holiday that means my boyfriend will make me a homemade card (it's a longrunning tradition) and buy me a thoughtful gift, usually fashion related, is not a bad thing.

This year I am making Mr Man his valentines gift, and as it is a fine example of crafty fashion (fingers crossed) I will upload some photo's of it when it's finished. In the meantime, I've been thinking about what I would like to recieve this year from that ideal world where money grows on trees and everyone can have what they want. My top 5 vaguely romantic and meaningful lust-have items are:

By far the most affordable item on my fanatasy list, I love this necklace. Becky introduced me to the amazing jewellery at Paraphernalia last week, and i've become slightly addicted to looking at it. The obvious heart association covers the valentine's angle of the gift, without being overly cutesy and obvious (ala the angled heart shaped necklaces everyone from the Bridget Jones generation coveted) Its a statement piece I would wear again and again (and again, actually!) Miu Miu floral carved sandals, £275

OK, so I know it's a bit of a push on the 'traditional Valentine's gift' front, but as people often gift flowers as tokens of love, and then main feature of these shoes is the floral detail, I figured it would be OK. Besides, its my list of imaginary gifts, and I will imaginarily wear them if I want to!

I have a minor (ok, major) addiction to tan leather: bags, belts, shoes, jackets- if you can name it I can own it in tan. I love these shoes because on the surface they seem so simple but the detail on them is so bold and intricate. These would make a perfect addition to my summer 'staple' wardrobe.

I don't normally wear delicate or fine jewellery, preferring to opt for its chunkier (and cheaper) relation. However, for Tiffanys, i'm prepared to make an exception:
There are many beautiful things on the Tiffany site. However, this is not one of them. I don't know what pleases me more: how delightfully tacky it looks, or how they've managed to make something so expensive look so cheap. This diamond and pink sapphire charm set in platinum would set you back £1,450. I am always attracted to the tackiest possible thing in every store I go into, but I didn't realise that the rule of tack also applied to jewellery that costs the equivilent of 3 months rent!

The next gift idea is perhaps my favourite. Teddybears are cute, and if you're a 15 year old girl, a romantic valentines day gift. My nickname to my family and friends is (I really don't know why) Bear. And Vivienne Westwood is, as i'm sure you've gathered by now as I mention her in almost every post, my favourite designer. What's not to love about Vivienne Westwood teddybear keyrings? And even better, they're on sale for £35 at her magic online store.

Anna Sui top, £156

This is by far the biggest leap from Valentine's romance to fashion, but for this top it's a leap worth making. This Anna Sui top is called a 'Kissing leaves bow top'. Including the word kissing makes it romantic enough for me. And besides, whats more romantic than being taken out for the day wearing this beautiful shirt teams with a pleated mini and brown opaque tights? Exactly.

My boyfriend claims to show a passing interest in mine and Becky's labours and read our little blog from time to time. (Despite his all-consuming lack of interest in anything remotely fashion, God bless him) Of course, our stats show that he hasn't visited the site since November: oh yes, we have eyes and ears everywhere! Despite myself, and knowing that this means I won't get any of the things on my finely constructed list, i'm really looking forward to Valentines this year. Because (and I can;t quite believe i'm saying this) Love is about more than awesome jewellery and gorgeous couture. Only 11 more days to go......

Lots of Valentines love and wishes of finest fashion gifts for you all (you deserve them),

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Rumi said...

Those Miu Mius are just're right, the sturdy tan leather offsets the intricate carving beautifully. And that necklace is crazy! I've never seen anything like it before!