Friday, 15 February 2008


Becky and I just cosied down to watch the latest episode of Project Catwalk (The far inferior sister of Project Runway, in my humble opinion) and were greatly amused by Henry Holland-of the House of Holland- and his very wooden performance.

The House of Holland show for London Fashion Week (A week which Becky will write about later in a manner far superior to mine) was today, and inspired by Mr Holland's project catwalk debut, what better reason decided I to have a sneaky peak!

I was never really into the printed Tshirt thing in the first place, and you certainly can't base a career on them, so I was really pleased with the move towards tailoring in this line. I am love love loving the royal blue check which featured heavily in this collection. I also love Agyness Deyn although after seeing her in almost every single show in New York I do feel a little overloaded with her at the minute. And antlers! Antlers! I want a pair so much it's untrue! But what i'm not sure I really understand is the piratey eyepatch?

Should we all start dressing like extras in a pirates of the carribean movie? (would this is any way help me meet Johnny Depp?)Did my boyfriend actually have a fashion forward moment when choosing his Halloween costume? (This I doubt very much!)

The actual answer can be found, as answers often can, on Their view on the whole eyepatch 'thing' is, and this is a direct quote: "EVEN before Agyness Deyn (who has been notably absent from many of the week's top shows so far), took to the House of Holland catwalk sporting a tartan eye patch yesterday afternoon, the front rows at London Fashion Week were abuzz with whispers that a wave of conjunctivitis is sweeping backstage. A particularly contagious infection, with so many models working in such close proximity, it's little wonder that the blight is spreading - but what's a little discomfort if your best friend is Henry Holland, and happy to turn your plight into one of the most talked-about fashion statements of the season? "

So there you go; the problem is solved, all my questions answered. No need to rush out for a fancy eye patch and a one dimensional vision bonanza. Unless you have conjunctivitis. Or really want to look like Agyness Deyn. Or Henry Holland asks you to.......

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