Monday, 4 February 2008

Check me out! (A moment of self-indulgence)

Firstly, apologies for the lack of posts to the later end of last week: the lovely Becky has been feeling under the weather, and I had gone to London to see the queen. (OK, I was mostly in London to hang out with my sister-Happy Birthday Amie!- and catch up with some friends, but see the the Queen sounded better!) We have smacked each other firmly on the wrist, and promise to try much harder to keep up with our daily post promise from now on.

I was going to write about the new things that have excited me from New York fashion week so far, but as i'm still so happy about my wonderful weekend i've decided i'm going to show you the lovely new things I brought instead: namely a checked top, a printed dress, pink shoes, and a scarf with a panda on it.

The Shoes

I've stolen the photo from the Shellys website rather than show you how they look on my foot because it is impossible to take a decent photo of your own feet (believe me I tried, just for you!) These courts are leather and suede and believe it or not were reduced in the sale at Shellys from £45 to just £8. I loved them because the heel was low enough to walk in all day, the colour was vibrant (and to be honest a bit garish; which I like) And they looked a little vintage and 80s without being second hand (because I will put any old crap on my body, but for some reason the idea of wearing second hand shoes makes me feel squeamish!)

The Dress

When I saw this dress on Catwalk Queens preview of the new Primark Spring/Summer collection, I knew I had to have it. So I dragged my poor sister all the way down to marble arch, harrassed 2 shop assistants, and persuaded the manager to take the last dress out of the window (I didn;t even care what size it was, I had to have it) The dress was mine.

The top

Unfortunately my camera is as rubbish as the light in my room, so you'll have to squint a bit to make out the top; but it's really lovely! Honest!

I've been looking for weeks for a black and white checked shirt that was flattering (which meant not too many buttons around the bust) and feminine. Unfortunately, love it though I do, with my figure masculine tailoring just makes me look like, well, a man. This shirt form Joy, £20 ticked all the right boxes.

The Scarf

As i've posted more than once about Disney clothing and Hello Kitty, it should come as no surprise that when buying this scarf with panda detail my main concern wasnt whether I would look like a 5 year old child but whether, as they were in the sale, I should get the scarf with the owl on as well. Reduced from £24 to £4.99: bargain! It's cute, the colour is gorgeous, and it keeps me warm in this attrocious weather. What more could you want from a scarf?

So there you have it. I'm sorry the post included no New York, no supermodels, no ready to wear goodness, and no new season ideas. Just one big shopping trip and lots of yummy things i'm really looking forward to wearing. Actually, i'm not sorry at all! I'm going to go and put on all my new things all at once and pretend its a new super-cool way of layering!


Tor xxx


lily said...

don't apologise for the lack of new york!

Kseniya said...

nice dress:)