Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Here comes George......

I feel like i'm turning into a one lady George of Asda cheerleader lately. As you can't have failed to have noticed, I LOVE George, and i'm not afraid to say it! It's as cheap as Primark (my other great love), but the attention to detail is better and, more importantly if you can't afford to replace your basics as often as you like, it lasts longer.

With this in mind, I decided it was time to view George's new season collection from the comfort of my bed and relax whilst enjoying a guilt-free fashion binge (Because even if you like something from George, you can't buy it on line, so you can't be tempted to cyber-indulge!)

First of all I feel I should point out that the George online range is significantly smaller than their in store collections, so it's difficult to get an overall feel for what's available, but even from this reduced range there were some key pieces that would slot into my wardrobe perfectly.OK, so it's not a wardrobe staple, or a key piece for everyone's wardrobe. But I love Hello Kitty and i'm not even sorry. The George Tshirts are usually really soft and a great fit. And I really like the cutesy graphic pattern on this T: £8 well potentially spent.

I LOVE this pink and grey hounds tooth scarf (£5) It'll look perfect once the weather gets a bit better (here's hoping) teamed with my yellow high necked linen jacket. I enjoy the early 80s pairing of yellow pink and grey. And I have a sneaky suspicion it will be a great investment piece, as Marc Jacobs ready to wear show at NY fashion week yesterday was full of vibrant coloured hounds toth pieces: so the scarf will still look great next Autumn/Winter too.
Nothing like being inspired by Marc Jacobs for a fiver!

I've become obsessed with finding the perfect checked shirt lately. And although I won't know for sure until I try it on (and try it on I will) this shirt seems like pretty close to perfect. Of course the matchy fabric belt will have to go- they're my pet hate, but with a high waisted brown leather belt, this shirt would look perfect with skinny jeans and red heels.

So there you have it. George at Asda does it again: 3 items, 3 perfect new season looks for less than the cost of a night in the pub. And you can't argue with that.

Lots of Love

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