Thursday, 15 August 2013

What's in your Handbag? Check out what's in mine!

Hi guys,
The last time I wrote about what was in my handbag was back in March 2012, and since then the contents have increased dramatically: no more tiny body bag filled with make up and basic essentials for me! But I'm not ready for a big ugly mum bag either: I want something on trend, made of buttery soft leather, but roomy enough for all of my supplies. And boy, do I have a lot of supplies! My handbag contents for today are:  photo mampsbag3_zps9466859c.jpg  photo mampsbag4_zpsc35a8a8c.jpg My Vivienne Westwood purse, house keys and car keys, mobile phone, Missoni sunglasses, Chanel lipstick and Filofax (just the same as last year). However the new additions are: rice cakes or carrot puffs (depending on what snacks the boy fancies for the day), a teddy bear and a rattle, and wet wipes to mop up any spills and snot. Oh the glamour!
 photo mampsbag2_zps4e981f12.jpg  photo mampsbag1_zps588e3fc4.jpg With all of this stuff to carry around every single day, I require a pretty special bag. This bag from Marks and Spencer's new season leather bag range is the perfect size for just about any occasion; small enough to carry around everyday but roomy enough to stash a hearty supply of snacks and toys for Wilbur in. It feels so soft (I have a place in my heart for pony skin leather, and buy far too much of it!) and the leather literally melts under your hand as you carry it. I love the zip detailing and leopard print is another of my obsessions, so it really is the perfect bag for me.

This bag is one of the key leather items from Marks and Spencer's A/W '13 collection, and would be the perfect addition to a capsule winter wardrobe, because you could carry it all day (it's perfect for work or for Saturday afternoon shopping trips) or dress it up for the evening and it wouldn't look out of place to dinner: especially if you carry a big bag at all times, like me. Marks and Spencer are very focusing on quality with their leather offering for this season, and it definitely shows in the craftmanship and design of this bag.  Good old M&S: they always seem to know exactly what I need and they never let me down!

If you want to buy one of your own you can pick it up from the M&S website: It's available right now, and will cost you £99.

Love Tor x


girlinthecity said...

adore this bag Tor… I've kinda fallen in love with M&S - I'm on a real budget at the moment, but know I can walk in to marks and pick up something quality - that fits!!! - at a decent price… had a peep at their a/w lookbook too - and ooooooh!

a x

char said...

I am really liking M&S new collection stuff at the moment. The bag looks lovely!

adam said...

Good design and stuff, seems to fit all accessories and outfit.

Elina Mark said...

Lol.. This is interesting. Your bag is nice.