Saturday, 30 April 2011

Please don’t forget to buy travel insurance!


Hi guys,
Holiday season is upon us! The weather might not be screaming summer yet, but everyone I know is booking their summer breaks, and the shops are full of bikinis and sunhats. My spare room is full of bikinis and sunhats too: I’ve spent the last couple of months buying everything I need for my big trip: My honeymoon is feeling so close I can almost taste it! But I almost didn’t get to go on my big holiday this year…..why, I hear you ask? Because we almost didn’t get any travel insurance!

I’m going to tell you a little story about stupidity and tears and a conflict about Egypt (which happened at the same time as the conflict in Egypt. This isn’t a coincidence) You remember, no doubt, when the Egyptian people revolted? The joy for everyone as they overthrew their leader and demanded freedom, and better pay etc?

Whilst I was happy for the Egyptian people, this news story made me thoroughly miserable. Because all the airlines were stopping flights to many of the countries airports. And that was where we were due to go on honeymoon. And we didn’t have any travel insurance! None at all. Just a note on a to-do list that said “book travel insurance” and had promptly been ignored! I was completely distraught.

Luckily the conflict died down, and we got our insurance booked immediately. But nothing was worth that week of panic – I was in tears because I was convinced we weren’t going to get a honeymoon, and without the insurance paying out (which wouldn’t happen, because we didn’t have any!) we couldn’t afford to book to go anywhere else. It was one of the most stressful weeks of my life.

So my advice, for what it’s worth, is before you start choosing that slinky bikini or splashing out on tanning lotions, book your travel insurance! I know your 99% sure you won’t need it (we were too!) but it just isn’t worth taking the risk and experiencing the heartache is something does go wrong. Then hit the shops: there’s nothing nicer than a new holiday wardrobe! Now all we have left to worry about is the dreaded Sharm Shark….

Love, Tor x

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