Monday, 18 April 2011

Matalan A/W press day

Hi guys,
After a hectic weekend I have been stuck down with the dreaded cold and 'flu bug which is circulating: woe is me, etc! Luckily though, last week was event heavy, so I have plenty of new news and drool-worthy pictures to share with you guys. One of the events I went to was the Matalan A/W press day. If you're a Matalan shopper (and I am definitely a convert) then here's what you'll be wearing next winter. I actually wish I could have a lot of this in my wardrobe now:

Matalan ladies:
Matalan has some great prints coming in! I love the black and white deer print dress and the bold seventies print on the mustard and navy dress: I would wear both right now, they'd make great spring dresses, as well as Autumn ones. Of the true winter pieces the knits were particularly gorgeous: bold tribal prints, and a couple of great Reindeer/animal jumpers that would be perfect for Christmas. My key piece was an amazing leopard print coat: I will definitely be buying that next winter, and wearing it with everything.

Matalan home:
I don't often write about homewares, but since Mike and I got engaged i've found myself doing up our flat more and more. I don't know if there's such a thing as pre-marital nesting, but if it exists, i've got it! I had to share the cupcake cake stand, and the dinky little cupcake spoons: our kitchen has an American diner/cupcake theme, so I was giddy with delight to see that almost everything in the Matalan collection would fit in with my kitchen perfectly. I also really liked all of the Union Jack/Britannia themed cushions: a rare welcome outcome from all of the Royal Wedding hoohah!

Love, Tor xx


Cherryred said...

Wow, Matalan has some really great stuff! Especially fallen in love with that cupcake teapot! Adorable x

* Reena Rai * said...

Loved the press day, they had lots of lovely stuff. Covet all the homeware stuff too