Wednesday, 22 October 2008

What am I wearing today...

...Well the answer is just below actually, so I don't know why i'm making it seem like such a mystery!

We don't usually do "daily wear" posts, but I love reading other peoples and liked this outfit so much I wanted to share it. Working in an office is a new thing for both me and my wardrobe, so I don't own (or want to own) a suit and generally throw on something black and hope I don't look too scruffy.

Today I really liked my "going to work" outfit though. The skirt and shoes are from topshop, the hat is a "lend" from my lovely little sister, the leggings are chopped up M&S tights, the bag is from a carboot sale (50p bargain!) and the coat from primark was a birthday gift from Becky. Because the coat has half length sleeves and is a pretty flimsy cotton this is probably the last time I will be wearing it this year, so all the more reason to play "show and tell".

I feel like a posh witch from the 1940's, a little bit prim and a little bit mysterious. I love it!

Photo credit goes to my boyfriend who took these outside MacDonalds where he took me for lunch: the charmer!!

Lots of love,



KD said...

I love your dress!

Rollergirl said...

You do look like a beautiful doll! (PS, that's a compliment.) Are you both going to Absolut tomorrow? Look out for me...I will be wearing jeans and western boots I think with some kind of top...How boring!