Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Horror Show!

Hey all,

With Halloween fast approaching, and my love of dressing up in stupid costumes well documented, what better time to chat about the gothic revival the fashion industry is experiencing at the moment. I believe the music industry and all those who are 'down with the kids' are refering to the phenomena as "nu grave". The difference between this look and a halloween witches costume is....well actually, I don't know what it is! Hence the timely posting- i'm full of smarts, me!

As I apply my eyeliner fairly liberally every morning, and my favourite colour is black (for everything) this is a look i'm all for. But how far can or should you go? When does your look stop being fashion and become costume party/caberet?

I'm always full of these important life changing questions, aren't I?

The gothic trend (officially named gothic lolita) has been massive in Japan for a long time. I'm a big fan of Japanese fashion (Fruits is my favourite coffee table book) and this is the look an 18 year old Tor spent years trying to perfect.

But now it's hit the mainstream: my favourite designer de jour (and every jour, if i'm honest) is particularly into the trend at the minute: oh Betsey I love you and your bizzarre yet wearable clothes!

Betseyjohnson.com : $425

How fabulous is the yellow dress at the start of this video?? Make that in black and you and I are in business Ms Johnson. All night long!

And its not just my beloved Betsey who's given it a go! You'd have to be blind or not live near a high street not to have noticed the explosion of black lace, leather and erm, pvc all over the highstreet.

Dress and gloves by dahlia @ asos.com

Believe me as a high street addict extraordinaire (this is my new self appointed title!) I know how much cheap lace a tenner will buy you in primark! And we all know highstreet trends come from somewhere. Namely:



Alexander McQueen

So what do I think? I think my ass would look like two fighting fat puppies in PVC leggings. I think chiffon is an often underestimated fabric. And I think the subtle nod to the gothic trend is fabulous. (I even wish I had the balls to dress up as a fully fledged gothic lolita) I'm just scared if the trend goes too far, the boyfriend and I will end up looking like this;


Love Tor x


KD said...

That is definitely a scary prospect. I think the trick is to be fashion's favorite girl, "that girl who throws on her Alexander Wang clothes after she gets out of bed and those clothes just happen to be black and then she goes to work (which is modeling) without brushing her hair" vs. "mall goth." But I'm no expert!

fashion herald said...

oof, yes, no looking like the teenage goth queen please! a little here and there is fun, not frightening.

Corie said...

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