Thursday, 23 October 2008

Primark Pick of the Week #1

Hey Everyone,

I'm in a post-lunch mid week slump, and only a spot of retail therapy can cheer that up.

I for one am sick of hearing about the credit crunch, but it's here, the recession is fast approaching, and as the balance of my bank balance declines, so does the cost of the objects I lust after, but still don't buy.

As your all surely aware, I love primark. I think it's an amazing way to try trends that you know will only last 5 minutes without having to spend your precious salary on it. And where else can you buy a gorgeous Christmas party dress for £14? This is my "lust have" object of the day!

It comes in 3 colours: blue, mauve, and black, and the gems actually seemed reasonably well attahced: something you dont often find in these cheaper bling-bling magpie designs.



And black. See, I told you?
Christmas always means tons of parties, and I for one can't afford a "fab frock" for all of them. if you can then I'm sorry for hating you a little, but hey, at least you have a wardrobe full of dresses! Even with my shitty budget, I love looking fabulous (yup, i say that like its a new thing and most people adore looking like shit!) For those parties that are slightly less important (and particularly boozy ones where your favourite expensive dress is likely to be ruined by spillage aplenty) this dress is perfect. Red wine spilled? No worries: keep dancing and throw it away: it cost less than dry cleaning that old black thing your not even sure you still like from last year anyway! I think we should all pick it up in every colour. Quick march!
Pause for obligatory salute,
Tor x


KD said...

I do love that dress, but don't you feel sorta guilty shopping there?

fashion herald said...

love the mauve.

torberry said...

i wish i could feel guilty but i'm a whore for dresses! a whore i tell ya!