Monday, 27 October 2008

Running fashionable late!

OK, so when I said I would post this weekend I lied. I’m sorry I lied to you dear reader. I didn’t mean to. My weekend was filled with movies, over indulgence and Halloween costumes and I forgot all about you. My bad.

But I’m back now, and I am ready to talk about parties. Oh yes.

Firstly, because I made a ruddy great fuss about the whole thing, here's what I wore:

And without the jacket (plus some rather disheveled hair) with the hilarious Dressed and Pressed:

The dress is from a stall on the east street market (it was only £20!) the lace top is from warehouse, I made the head band myself, and I went with curly hair and leather jacket. As you can see no doubt. Of course, I desparately want to show you Beckys fabulous outfit too, but I think her soul might weep if I ruined the reveal. You'll have to wait, sadly. As did I.

The event was blogger heaven with folks like disneyrollergirl, the recently renamed make do, and the above mentioned dresses and pressed in attendance, and everyone was uber friendly and cool (in a non-intimidating way, thank god!) The combo of free vodka and fabulous vintage dresses, hats, shoes, and anything you wished you had in your dressing up box when you were a kid was intoxicating. It was a feast for the eyes. Never before have I seen so many people dressed so imaginatively all in the same room. But don't take my word for it. Here is the photo evidence (which sprinklings of dressing-up box Tor and Becky to stroke my vanity of course!):

I think I can safely say a good night was had by all.
Much love,
Tor x


El Notable said...

I just saw the same pics in Cheapskate;s blog! he,he,he
Looks like you had a great time,

KD said...

Cool! Sounds like you had an awesome time.

Make Do Style said...

Ah such fun all round indeed!