Wednesday, 29 October 2008

And our survey says....

.....Eh Ehhh! (Ah, god bless family fortunes!)

Yesterday I told you I was going to the Topshop sale and I would report excitedly on what I found.

The results?

Sorry about that folks, but I promise that (after I traipsed through hailstone and frost) you can't be as disappointed as I was!

Love Tor x


seralouise said...

i would go back . the good one off pieces are usually put out after a few days after they have tryed to flog the real none sellers that they have loads left of, to those ppl that are so caught up in delirium at the topshop sale starting that they buy anything ! ha x

Make Do Style said...

Hm yeah topshop apart from a few things are just not cutting it anymore in my book - sale already?