Thursday, 16 October 2008

I am shutting it down

If there was room for a sub heading on this piece then I would sub head this with "Do I like Rachel Zoe?" And the answer is, I just don't know.

On Friday night Missy B introduced me to the magic of the Rachel Zoe Project- a show I liked enough to watch 3 episodes back to back. The lovely Miss Becky also pointed out (more than once) that I dress a bit like Rachel Zoe, which I can see is a little bit true.

Obviously, as i'm not an unkind journalist type, I will point out that Rachel is only 10 years older than me (despite her critics insisting she looks at least 10 years older than her 34 years) But more so than her ageing face, the first think you notice about RZ (As we call her in the 'hood) is her miniscule frame.

Is this the reason so many people don't like RZ? Does it matter that she's a size zero on whom I cannot spy an ounze of body fat? I don't think it does. After all, i'd be outraged if someone pointed out that I could shake my belly like a bowl full of jelly in the National Press, and these things work both ways. I'm curvey, Becky's tall. RZ is skinny, Kylie is tiny. Can't we all stop bitching about it?

So no. I don't hate RZ because she sports the 'lollipop head' look. Nor do I care very much about the rumours that she encourages her clients to diet and become too skinny: those Hollywood starlets are under enough pressure from hundreds of people to look a certain way without all of the blame falling on Rachel Zoe's shoulders. Those tiny bones just aren't big enough to bear the load!

I think maybe I don't like Rachel Zoe very much simply because she I don't think she's as fabulous as her sycophantic followers make out. She started her career 'styling' Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys:

White trousers and ill fitting grey jackets for everyone! So that's what stylists do!? OK so that's unfair: this was the '90s after all, and much can be forgiven. But is it really OK for celebrity to be created by a stylist with a wardrobe full of vintage and a book full of designers phone numbers?

I mean, aside from shop and have a wardrobe full of designer clothes, what does Nicole Richie do?? And with her endless budget and lack of career, surely she has the time to put together a black top with leggings and a red Chanel statement bag without the stylist? (It really isn't rocket science, I do it for work every morning. I even put on my own makeup! Imagine!)

Rachel Zoe is famous because she made oversized sunglasses cool. (Although Jackie O probably rocked them a little harder if you ask me) But she didn't design them! She just picked them up one day and thought "geez, I bet these will make my little face look tinier than ever!"

Head to toe designer labels and crazy priced vintage would look good on anyone: they don't make her fashion inspiration. But then, who am I to say her fashion choices are uninspiring? After all, i'm running about town dressed like her! This really is a conundrum....

What I do like is the Rachel Zoe project. Vapid and entertaining, with a chance to see the lady at work and tonnes of fabulous clothes. What's not to like?? Its also a good lesson for my boyfriend: he thinks i'm hard to cope with because of my constant fashion chatter and obsession with dresses? Try 5 minutes in RZ's husbands shoes mister!



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KD said...

Very well put. Seriously, you'd think with all the money celebs have, they'd be able to buy time instead of having to hire a stylist.