Friday, 17 October 2008

Sex and the City: Again!!!

Hey all,

So, I spent all day yesterday thinking about the Patricia Field collection at M&S, and wishing I’d stopped long enough to try some of the magic dresses on. After all, who doesn’t want to go to parties looking a little bit like Sarah Jessica Parker?

I knew that the longer I thought about how fabulous they would all look, the more disappointed I would be when they inevitably didn’t zip up over my bust, so I finished work and hopped skipped and jumped back to Marble Arch to fill my arms with frocks and embark on some changing room madness.

Dress #1: The sparkle dress

Look at that sparkle! The high necked collar did nothing for my bust, but as you can see it looked great from the front. However it clinged rather unflatteringly to my tummy which didn’t look good from the side. The dress was very heavy and felt really nice on though.

Dress #2: The floral dress

As you can see by the way it’s hanging off my shoulder, this dress wouldn’t quite zip all the way up at the back. Not boob friendly then. This dress disappointed me a little, because it was the one I most wanted to look fabulous, but it really didn’t….

Dress #3: The corsage dress

Aside from the thick and beautiful corsage, which is beautiful whichever way you look at it, I was a bit dubious about this dress on the hanger. The fabric was a stretchy lycra which I didn’t expect to flatter at all. However, I was wrong!! I love love love this clichéd statement dress.

Dress #4: The star dress

Apparently star print isn’t getting old! There’s nothing particularly fabulous about this dress but the fit is nice, the thicker straps were flattering on a wider arm and it felt light and floaty. Probably the only dress I tried on that I would say wasn’t worth the money though…

Dress #5: The demure dress

This dress didn’t seem especially fab on the rack, but then when I tried it on it turned out to be the best fitting dress of them all. The sheen on the fabric looked great, the gemmed collar was really well made, and all the detail in the back stopped it looking boring.

So there you have it. A close up of how the Patricia Field collection looks on a ‘real’ body. Because, frankly, even a bin liner would look OK on a mannequin! I’m sure you’re all sick of seeing these dresses by now though: I’ll step away from the M&S tomorrow, I promise.



WendyB said...

I love the corsage dress on you!

KD said...

I, too, love how the corsage dress looks on you, but my favorites (in general) are numbers 1 and 2. Not that I have a hope of buying them (I live in the states) but I'm just wondering, how much did they cost? I love dressing room chronicles.

torberry said...

Erm, as i'm always broke i'm rubbish at checking the price tags! :-)
The sequinny one was the most expensive, it was £150. The rest I think we're around the £80 mark!