Monday, 7 July 2014

Sponsored Video: I flick my hair back and fourth!

Hi guys,
I've always been blessed with thick hair, in fact, my 'crowning glory' has always been something I'm pretty proud of. My hair only got thicker when I was pregnant, and looked more luscious than ever. After I has Wilbur though my hair fell out in clumps and even now it looks lanker and much more lifeless than I would prefer. Which is why I was interested to hear more about L'Oreal Fibrology from Elvive by L'Oréal Paris and why I wish they'd invented it 18 months ago!
When I saw the product advertised on the TV I was fascinated: A product designed to give hair more volume and a thicker appearance? Count me in!! When you use the product testers say that you can actually see results within around a week, which means you don't have to use it for months before you can tell its working (Like so many other thickening products on the market). The technology involved in creating Fibrology is completely innovative, and took 17 years to research and develop followed by 8 years of extensive testing. The aim of the product is to make hair look fuller, with luxurious body and bounce. It works by penetrating the fibre of the hair and actually increasing its diameter from the inside. Even better news for blondies like me? It even works on bleach lightened hair. Now I'm not going to lie, science isn't my strong point so I'm not going to attempt to tackle the science bit: but the important thing is, it works!

Have you used Fibrology yet? I can't wait to give it a try!

Love Tor x

*This post has been sponsored by L'Oreal but all thoughts are my own 

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