Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Expanding the Fabfrocks empire

Hi guys,
When I started this blog back in 2007, it was to explore all things fashion because that was my obsession. I lived and breathed fashion: I still do. But as I've got older my interests have broadened and changed too. I've gotten married, am about to buy my first house, started experimenting with crafts. I've become a mummy, and realise every day that my little boy is the most important thing in the world: yes, even more important than designer shoes.

So to reflect my changing interests, I've launched two new blogs which will also fall under the Fabfrocks umbrella; Fabfrocks at Home, and Fabfrocks Family.

Fabfrocks at Home
 photo fabfrocksathome660_zps5869f8a5.jpg
Fabfrocks at Home is a place you can lust after beautiful interiors, explore my house as it changes and evolves, and check out the latest homewares from the highstreet. It's also where I will be sharing recipes, crafting how tos, tutorials for doing up your home on the cheap. If it can help make your home a happier and more beautiful place then you'll find it here!

Fabfrocks Family
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Fabfrocks Family is the place I will blog about all things around being a mummy! Great changing bags, cute kids outfits, the sleepless nights, the horrible nappies and cute pictures of babies. You'll find all this plus (hopefully) some occasional practical advice about parenting here!

Fabfrocks World
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This will remain the same fashion blog you know and (hopefully) love. The focus and content will remain just the same: high street, high end, but always bargain on a budget! They'll also be the usual outfit posts, sneak previews of upcoming highstreet collections, and shopping tips.

I hope you like the new sites as much as I do!
Love Tor x

PS- As always, huge thanks to Carly Watts for the amazing design work. I love all of my new headers!

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Carly said...

Aaw lovely - I'm going to check them out now! xxx