Monday, 6 August 2012

Holiday guide: Fabfrocks does Venice

Hi guys,
We are now officially back from our holidays, and normal life (and blogging schedule!) can be resumed again. But first, of course, I have to share some pictures from our trip, so you can see how amazingly beautiful Venice is! I was obsessed with the canals and the gondolas, so managed to take hundreds of shots of them:
Outfit-wise (because all things must be about fashion, right?!) I opted for plenty of simple and easy jersey dresses both because they're light and fold to nothing, and they don't need ironing. Perfect for travelling! My tan Pucci bag was my constant companion, as were my white, yellow and tan sandals from River Island and my Rock and Republic sunglasses. Keeping it breathable and simple was key!
My top must-sees in Venice?

-The Guggenheim gallery is top of the list, both because the art is fabulous and because it's set in Peggy Guggenheim's former house. I'm nosey-in each room are photos of how the place looked when she lived there!

-The glass island of Murano is also definitely worth a trip. It's approximately 40 minutes by boat from the centre of Venice, and if you go on either a Tuesday or a Friday you can see the artisans blowing glass whilst you're there.

-As cliche as it is, the Basillico san Marco is absolutely gorgeous: the most opulent and intricate cathedral I have ever seen. Once inside I spent so long with my neck craned back to stare at the ceiling I made myself feel dizzy!

-We stayed at the Hilton Molino Stucky hotel, and I can heartily recommend it. It has a pool on the roof with the best view of the city (which you can see whilst you're swimming) and the breakfast buffet included the usual continental and full English options, as well as smoked salmon and champagne. Delicious!

-Finally, my most favourite thing about Venice? Getting lost! There's something new to find and see on literally every street, so leaving our map behind and wandering off the beaten track to see what we would find was the best thing about our whole trip. Definitely my top recommendation!

Have you been on your summer holiday yet? Where did you go, and would you recommend it to others? I'm always looking for new places to go on holiday!

Love Tor xxx

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Lisamello said...

It looks beautiful there, I'd love to go there one day! :)

Lisa xx