Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Supermarket love: George at Asda s/s press day

Hi guys,
I don't mean to get all Gok Wan on your asses, but it really is amazing how damn good the fashion offerings from our British supermarkets are. We really do high end and fashion forward trends at affordable prices better than anyone else. I have several pieces from Clothing at Tesco and George at Asda that I have worn season after season without any signs of wear and tear. And with prices generally below £10 for separates and below £15 for a frock, it's a great way of injecting new trends into your wardrobe of staples every season, without it costing a fortune.

This morning I popped down to the George at Asda press day, to see what trends they would be offering us for this Spring/Summer:
The three main trends George seemed to be focusing on this season were similar to the rest of the highstreet: pastels, acid brights, and conversational prints. The conversational print section was the one I was most impressed with: I loved the Victoria Beckham-esque cat print top, the bird print dress, and the gorgeous crown print cardigan, which would be perfect for a kitsch Jubilee celebration. Obviously Jubilee themed pieces (in red, white and blue) are hot property for them, because they're such a cheap option if you need a new outfit for a themed party: think T shirts with corgis on them, union jack print dresses, and bright coloured jeans.
I wasn't as impressed with their accessories selection (it's the one part of my outfit I don't like to scrimp on: only real leather shoes and good quality bags for me!) but if you're heading on holiday this summer and need a beach bag or a couple of pairs of disposable flip flops or sandals, it's definitely worth checking out.

Do you shop in your local supermarket? Or do you tend to think they should stick to vegetables, not fashion? Love to hear your thoughts!

Love Tor xx


Kit-Cat-Kitty-Cat said...

I'm actually jealous of Asda clothing, we don't have it here in Ireland and I often see things advertised that I wish we could get here.
The quality seems decent enough as well from what I have seen in person.
I love Tesco for things like vests, great quality considering the amount of wear that I get out of them and the cost per wear!

iola said...
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