Wednesday, 21 March 2012

One Mango Tree: Fashion so sustainable, you know exactly who made it!

Hi guys,
It must be cotton bag season, because this is my second post about a gorgeous new range of cotton bags this week! This time they're bags from One Mango Tree who give African women economic empowerment, whilst creating gorgeous enviromentally friendly fair trade bags everyone is going to want to own at the same time.

All of the individual (female) artisans who made the bags receive recognition for their work. Each bag comes with a tag that tells you the name of the woman that made your bag. You're then able to visit the One Mango Tree website and see pictures of that woman and her family, and read her story.
My tag led me to Aber Grace, a mum of seven who is the sole supporter of her family. She lived in Bobi IDP camp for displaced persons for five years, but was able to leave in 2008 and move to Gulu after receiving tailor training from One Mango Tree. She started working full-time at the One Mango Tree workshop in July 2009. Although she has little time in between childcare and sewing beautiful accessories for One Mango Tree, Aber Grace likes to grow vegetables and dreams of owning her own land so that she can have a large garden.
TKMaxx have joined forces with One Mango Tree, and you can now buy your very own bag (and support a woman whose story you can't help but feel emotionally tied to) in 28 stores nationwide. The bags are £7.99. TKMaxx are also stocking a selection of purses (for £3.99) and aprons (for £5.99) also all made by the One Mango Tree women.

What better way to get involved in this season's red-hot tribal trend, and do something for the greater good at the same time!

Love Tor xx


Hayles said...

I love that you can find out the life story of the person who made your bag, because I'm so nosy!

Anonymous said...

I recently ordered a One Mango Tree bag and I LOVE it and all that the company stands for!

jamjar said...

Great find, thanks for posting. Am on the One Mango Tree site now, definitely going to be seeing if my local TK Maxx has the bags in stock...

William Winston said...

This is a good example for Jute Bag at it's best craft designs. Thanks for posting this info on your blog.