Friday, 16 March 2012

Are you carrying around a £2,000 handbag?


Hi guys,

According to new research from Kenco Millicano, 1 in 10 women carry a handbag that weighs over 4kg – the equivalent of the average pet cat and heavier than most new born babies! And worse still, I'm pretty sure I'm one of them - and you probably are too! Nearly every woman I know totes around a big bag, and the popularity of the satchel has only made it even easier to distribute even more weight around your body.

As well as heavy, our handbags are also expensive. Almost half a million women in the UK are now carrying over £2,000 worth of contents in their handbags. Again - I'm guilty as charged! Without my handbag full of make up and gadgets, I wouldn't want to leave the house.

So I thought it was time to spill (literally!) the contents of our handbags and share, in a girly confessional, how much weight we carry around with us everyday. My handbag for today contains:

My filofax and Lanvin pen, Vivienne Westwood wallet, iphone, oyster card (in its Cath Kidston oyster card holder), sunglasses, leather gloves, lipstick, Chanel pressed powder, nail file, housekeys, a stack of business cards, and a packet of polos.

Go on, tell me! What's in yours?

Love Tor xx

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Jodie Santer said...

I never thought about how much my bag weighed until my housemate freaked when I asked them to pass it to me last week. I carry my world in my bag, and you're right, satchels haven't helped this! Also, the price of what's in your bag is interesting. I recently got handbag cover when I took out some form of insurance and was shocked how much the stuff that lives in my bag is worth. Definitely taking out insurance on its contents, people carry around so much stuff in their bags these days! x