Friday, 16 December 2011

Need a budget Christmas party dress? Think Primark!

Hi guys,
I know we're in the middle of a recession and times are tight, and restyling and reusing are very cool and fashionable. Whilst blatent consumerism just isn't. And I do reuse, and buy second hand, and even customise to save money. But, for me at least, Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without a brand new party frock!

If you agree and are dying to buy a new dress for the party season, but have a miniscule mice-sized budget, then I would recommend checking out Primark. They have an amazing range of budget partywear in store at the moment that doesn't look like it's been bought on a budget. Think simple shapes and styles in plain block colours that are just dying to be teamed with killer heels and your favourite accessories:
Gold batwing dress, £17
Mermaid tunic dress, £25
Fur coat, £30 and Playsuit, £15
Bronze pleated dress, £17

I actually picked up the gold batwing sleeved dress for my boyfriend's birthday 'do (which was last week) and it looked amazing on - it's fully lined too, which helps hide any lumps and bumps, and which you wouldn't expect for the money! I wore it teamed with my leather jacket and D&G wedges, and noone would ever have guessed it was Primark!

Have you bought a new party dress this year, or will you be restyling an old favourite? And would you buy partywear from Primark? I used to avoid their partywear like the plague, because I didn't want to be wearing the same dress that someone else was bound to wear (because everyone shops in Primark and Topshop!) but now I think with clever styling it really doesn't matter!

Love Tor xx


Jo-ann.Fortune said...

Isn't he your husband now? ;-)

tor (fabfrocks) said...

Ha! Yes he is - I can't believe I forgot! :-)

Jo-ann said...
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Jo-ann.Fortune said...

Ha, bless :-)

MargoR said...

I love Primark! I think their clothes are so much more high quality than the Forever21 cloths. I always called them the cheaper version of Top Shop :)

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