Thursday, 8 December 2011

Little black dresses: Yes, I’m an addict!

Hi guys,
I love little black dresses: I have a wardrobe full of them, and I just keep adding more!

I have a black dress for every occasion. There's my black dress that I wear for work meetings (guarenteed to make you feel good when you're having a fat day), my favourite black party dress, my staple black dress that looks good when it's accessorised to the max, and even my slinky black dress that I wear when I want to go dancing or to an online casino (not that I'm one for gambling). Seriously: there's nothing the right black dress can't do!
Spotted: LBD's from London Fashion Week.

And I refuse to accept that black dresses are boring: they may be classic, but they can also be fashion-forward. Just think about the all-black collections that Gareth Pugh sends down the catwalk every season!

The key to choosing the perfect black dress is getting the fit right: it needs to hug your figure in all the right places, and emphasise all your favourite bits of your body (whilst minimising the bits you want to hide, of course!) Choosing the right fabric is important too. Satin can be unforgiving on anyone without a model figure, whilst jersey, cotton, and tulle are my favourite fabrics for the perfect LBD.

I intend to dust down my favourite French Connection black dress this month, and take it out for a spin! I've never been to a UK casino before, but I am going to a casino night with friends during that funny bit between Christmas and New Year: obviously I will have overindulged, but hopefully I will be able to slip into that slinky little black dress and a stack of costume jewellery (whilst insisting Mike wears a tux, of course) and party the night away!

Love Tor x
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