Monday, 28 December 2009

Sales review: Miss Selfridge

Like all of the sales there are lots of sparkles and party dresses available in the Miss Selfridge sale. However unless I have a really important event coming up I usually avoid these like the plague: if you're honest you won't want to wear this seasons dresses next Christmas, and you probably have enough party frocks in your wardrobe (I know I do!)
So in the Miss Selfridge sale I decided to ignore the party frocks and focus on practical things I might actually need, with varying degrees of success:
The good
I love this little polka dot jacket, a bargain for £12. Its also a good kind of piece to buy in the sales at this time of year because it can be worn like a cardigan now and as a jacket come Spring/Summer, when polka dots will still be in vogue. This top is another example of something you can wear now that will still be of use in the summer; that's generally what I try to look for in my sale items, so i'm getting as much wear from them as possible

The not-so-good
Check out the mince pie belly! yuck! These 2 jumpers are perfect examples of on the hanger it looked pretty good - on the body not so much! They just didn't flatter my figure! The material of both was lovely though, and I do have to point out that they were a bargain at £10 each!

My first sale of the season is done, and it's only left me thirsty for more! Watch this space!
Love, Tor xx


Make Do Style said...

Yes the first two items are perfect choices!

Dream Sequins said...

I love polka dots on you :) Miss Selfridge is a fun store-- wish they had them in NY!

KD said...

Yum, navy polka dots! I have a navy cardigan with white polka dots that is surprisingly versatile; I hope you bought this one!