Thursday, 24 December 2009

Take a new look at New Look

I've never paid much attention to New Look for a very silly reason: in my home town there are only 3 clothes shops, one of which is New Look. So when I was a sullen teenager, New Look was where I went for all of my jeans and angry black T shirts (not much change there then!) I never thought of it as very fashionable. So when I left my tiny hometown I didn't think I would want to set foot in a New Look for a very long time. Yesterday I changed my mind!

The colder weather has really thrown me (as i'm sure you can tell by all my winter posts!) so I went into New Look hunting for some inexpensive winter warmers. And their range of jumpers and sweatshirts (my latest obsession) shocked me with the quality of both the design and the fit:

*DISCLAIMER - please ignore my frizzy hair, as i'd just come in from a snow shower!*
My favourites were the dark grey "bonjour" one, and the slouchy plain nude. I also loved this stripey long-sleeved tee, despite its flabby tummy exposing properties: That's a whole load of untoned flesh on display! However layered upon layers I think it could really work! There were also acres of sequinned dresses and blazers, and impressive shoe display, and they already had a lot of their Spring/Summer stock in store. I would say that New Look is a lot like Topshop, only cheaper!
There are several stores I haven't looked at since I was a teenager, but this New Look experience has made me realise two things: 1) New Look is a store I should definitely visit more often an 2) perhaps I should have a more open mind about the stores I visit!

Love, Tor xx

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Amber Berglund said...

I like the photo where you are wearing the white "Love" shirt. I think it is the cutest look of all. I'm not a fan of the striped nautical t-shirt. I think it looks a bit shluby. I think you should go for a more fitted, tailored/structured look. You have a lovely, womanly figure. Fabrics that lack quality with catch-all, "one-size-fits-all" cuts, aren't our friends.
BTW, you have really great hair. You're rocking those bangs!