Monday, 21 December 2009

Daily wear: The important winter details

Hi guys,

In my opinion (which is humble!) winter dressing is all about the details: the layering, the hats, the little things that go on top of your basic outfit that are so important. I admire people in the street that are wearing brightly coloured clashing accessories, but I always tend to stick to one tone; generally (you guessed it!) black!

My details:


I can't get enough of this snood and wear it every day. I'm thinking of buying it in grey to bring a little colour variation (to match my grey gloves and grey hat of course!) Black snood: H&M, Sequin hat: Primark, Elbow length cotton gloves: Car boot sale.

What accessories do you go for? Do you like to match or clash your winter warmers?

Lots of love,

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claire said...

I'm currently obsessed with my knitted hooded scarf to keep warm. It's a massive knitted black and white scarf complete with pom poms on the ends, but with the added bonus of a built in hood. Best Winter accessory, even if it means answering the question "What the hell is that?" about 10 times a day!