Tuesday, 15 December 2009

New purchase: Mad about mohair!

When I was a little girl my mum had an oversized mohair cardigan. It was purple. I used to love playing with it: it had a silk lining and I loved the contrast between this and the shaggy, slightly itchy mohair wool.

Two weeks ago the increasingly generous (!) boyfriend bought me an early Christmas present: a gorgeous dress from Warehouse I had fallen in love with. However its body con fit left me conscious of the hips it clung to, and after much deliberation I decided to take it back: this left me sad. It was perfect save an inch of fabric at the hips but the size up looked baggy and shapeless! Sadness however led quickly to happiness when you see what I swapped it for:
A mohair coat with a silk lining (just like my mums!) reduced from £100 to £60 in the pre-festive sales. I was yet to buy a winter coat, and relunctant to relagate my boyfriend blazer back to the wardrobe. If i'm honest, I was also trying to hold out for the January sales! This solves both issues, as it is a boyfriend blazer style coat, with wonderfully pointy lapels and beautiful double breasted buttons as a fastener! After initial concerns that it was a little masculine, I twirled around in it three times and promptly fell in love! And I think for the quality received, it was a bargain too!!

PS - As I freeze in yet another of my floral dresses i'm beginning to contemplate knitwear. I think it's time to invest in a more wintery wardrobe. What are you all wearing as the cold snap snaps??
Love, Tor xx


KD said...

That is one awesome coat! I'm just wearing my old ski parka.

Claire said...

I tend to find that the best way to keep out the chill is layer upon layer of jazzy tights, an a pair of legwarmers too! I got a couple of funny looks from the public, and my boyfriend told me I looked 'odd' when I wore them, but by gum my lower calves were toasty :) Miss Selfridge do some nice woolley tights at the moment!

everybodysaysdont said...

Gorgeous coat, love it x