Tuesday, 7 January 2014

New Year, New You: Time to Get Fit?

Hi guys,
I don't know anyone that doesn't make some kind of health or fitness resolution for the new year. Whether it's to lose weight or to get fit or even just to feel a little more healthy, it's the time of year where people start looking at what in their lives they can improve. As Wilbur gets more active (he runs faster than I do!) I've realised I want to be a little fitter so that I can keep up with him: I want to be fun-mum chasing after the ball in the park without needing a sit down! My favourite kind of exercise is swimming and Wilbur and I go every week. My second favourite is cycling: which will be the subject of this post!
 photo vintagebike_zpsc6fdd290.png
At The Dinosaur Park (which is in Norfolk, and for which we are season ticket holders) you can ride trikes around a cycle trek. We were doing just that yesterday and decided that when Wilbur is a little older we ought to get bikes and enjoy long rides together. Mike was also toying with getting a bike to cycle to work (as parking in the city is a damn nightmare, so he usually gets the bus) and that's why I was so interested when I heard about the Cycle to Work scheme.

Emma at The Good Mother Project details what exactly the Cycle to Work scheme is so much more concisely than I could. But basically, within the Government’s Green Transport Plan, there’s a tax exemption which allows employers to provide cycles and safety equipment to employees as a tax-free benefit. In layman's terms that means that your employer buys you a bike, you hire it from your employer and then you buy it at the end of the loan term for a fair amount: all at tax-free prices (meaning ultimately your bike is cheaper for you to own). You can get any kind of bike you want (it doesn't have to be some ugly 'government approved' model) and you can choose your bike from a range of cycle scheme shops. Me? I want something pretty and vintage-inspired like the model above!

Getting involved in the scheme seems like kind of a win-win deal to me. You get a discounted bike, you get to get fit and healthy, and you can avoid sniffing someone elses sweaty armpit during your daily public transport commute.

Do you cycle to work, and is it something you'd consider as part of a new year fitness regime?

Love Tor x


Karima Saber said...

happy new year

char said...

It's a good scheme, I used it for my Pashley.