Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Shopping: Wishing for my wishlist

Hi guys,
As my due date draws closer and closer (we're now just three weeks away!) my fantasies about wearing normal clothes and shopping in all of my favourite high street stores are increasing dramatically. I want heels, dresses with waistlines and chunky rings I can actually squeeze my swollen fat fingers into!

So to satisfy my shopping cravings, I've put together a little wishlist of the things I have been most lusting over this week:
1. Fuschia knuckle ring, dollybowbow.co.uk, £12. 
Yes, it looks just like the YSL Arty ring, which is the ring I would actually like to add to my wishlist. (I'm obsessed with it in this colour)  but at £180 it's every so slightly out of budget. This dollybowbow one is one of the best replicas I have seen though, and a snip at less than a tenth of the price!

2. Floral and lace mix dress, Topshop, £60
This has all the makings of the perfect Christmas time dress. Unlike a sparkly/sequinned dress which you could only wear for a Christmas party, this one is versatile enough that you could wear it for almost anything: dress it up for a party, down for lunch! Note how I'm justifying this purchase to myself: I'm having this dress!

3. Vintage Chanel drop earrings, ASOS, £795
Nope, that price tag isn't a typo. But what kind of wishlist would this be without something outrageously expensive on it?! Besides, they're so purty!

4. Blue print ankle boots, River Island, £65
Who says winter boots had to be boring? Or match your coat? Or easy to walk in? For these beauties, I'm prepared to throw all of my boot buying rules out of the window!

5. Digital jewel clutch, ASOS, £15
Attending a wedding last month drew my attention to the fact that I only actually own 2 clutch bags (one red, one blue) and I just don't think that's enough! Yes, I accept I won't fit many nappies in this beauty, but it's too pretty to let practical concerns get in the way!

6. Polka dot sequin jumper, French Connection, £62
This is another one that I think will be just perfect for Christmas: all the coziness of an oversized jumper, but with sequins! I love polka dots, so this jumped straight out at me when I saw it instore yesterday. I'd like to pair it with coloured heels and skinny jeans.

What's on your current wishlist? Is there anything you're lusting over, and what's holding you back from picking it up?

Love Tor x

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daisychain said...

those ankle boots are amazing!

I can't believe your only three weeks from baby! I was thinking about you the other day, I knew you must be due soonish!