Thursday, 8 November 2012

Primark picks of the week: More, more, more!!

Hi guys,
Just when I think I've exhausted the subject of Primark's newest Autumn/Winter collection, they go and release some more gorgeous images that I just have to share with you guys! All of the items shown below are either in store right now, or arriving in store this month. So as always with Primark, if you see something you love you'll have to be quick!
Burgandy stud shoulder jumper, £14
Multi-coloured bobble hat, £2 

Beige biker jacket, £27
Pleather/tan mix biker jacket, £27
Jewel print T-shirt, £10
Stud and lace detail blouse, £14
Velvet flocked bodysuit, £12
Star print jumper, £12
Robin print snood, £4
Belted polka dot dress, £13
Purple and blue snood, £6
Moustache print jumper,£14

The knitwear looks so cozy, and just perfect for snuggling up in now that the weather has turned decidedly chilly! I am definitely reconverted to Primark: not as a disposable fashion source I will shop every week and wear only once (which used to be how I shopped Primark!) but as a great place to dip my toe into new trends, or buy seasonal items with short lifespans; Christmas items, for example.

Are you a Primark shopper? If yes, how often do you tend to pop instore?

Love Tor x


Jet Shanahan said...

That biker jacket is absolutely amazing. Wow. I rarely go into Primark because it's a bit like a jumble sale in Norwich. The one at Westfield Stratford was hot, though! Wish the Norwich one had that sort of layout, much easier to find stuff.

char said...

I really like the robin print snood. ;)

Jodie Santer said...

The mustache jumper! Primark is somewhere I go when I have a lot of patience and am in the city early. Like Jess said, the Norwich store is a nightmare, so unless it's just opened or you know exactly what you're looking for and where it is it's best avoided. Having said that, I do love a lot of their stuff, so whenever it looks quiet inside I'll always have a look around

Traces Diamond said...

hy, u can bye for me and send to me the some pieces?!? i send money from paypal.... bcs in my country primark have not this pieces :(