Friday, 23 November 2012

Life lately, according to my iPhone...

Hi guys,
Another month, another collection of random pictures collecting virtual dust on my iphone! When I scroll through to do these compilations I always surprise myself with how many odd and pointless photos I take: what did we do in the days before iphones when we wanted to send someone a photo of a dress so we could get immediate feedback, eh?!

Nonetheless, here's what's been going on according to my iphone this month:
-Ham and cheese salad with beetroot (My latest food craving)
-New Stella McCartney baby goodies from TKMaxx
-Beautiful roses my mum gave me at my surprise family-only baby shower
-Going to see the Norwich Christmas lights being switched on and meeting a realistic-looking Santa
- Breaking in my new blue suede Espirit boots
- Pitta pizza breads - nom, nom, nom!!
- Celebrating my nephew's first birthday
- Forcing my husband to try on his new Christmas jumper (doesn't he look happy about it!)
- Making candy cane mice to add to my Christmas presents - tutorial to follow
- Another new lipstick (This one is from No7 and I'm trying it with the matching lipliner. I still prefer my trusty Chanel)
- One last pre-baby dinner in our favourite restaurant (there's alot of food in this post, isn't there?)!
- Shiny silver toenails. Can you believe my husband did these?! Hidden talents!

What have you been up to this month? And do you find that your iphone is cluttered up with a collection of odd and random pictures too?

Love Tor

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daisychain said...

I love that your husband painted your toes ((and did a fab job!))