Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Final reflections: On being pregnant

Hi guys,
I've tried not to write about my pregnancy and impending motherhood too much on this blog: after all, it's a fashion blog and my outlet to express how I feel about all things clothes, beauty, and anything else that's pretty. I don't want to write a mummy blog because I don't read them and have no real interest in them: So don't worry, I won't start bombarding you with daily baby pictures! But before the boy arrives I do want to share some of the things I've learnt and some of the things that have surprised me about being pregnant; from both a fashion but mostly from a non-fashion point of view!
- I guess the obvious one is illustrated above: I'm huge! My stomach is bigger than I thought possible: I mean really, there's no more stretching room. I refuse to accept it can grow anymore. Obviously this isn't the surprise: I know pregnant women get big. The surprise is that I don't mind it as much as I thought I would: in fact rather than being repulsed by how big I am i'm strangely proud that my body has done all this amazing work to create a comfy home for my little boy.

- Here's a quick fashion one: I've worn jeans considerably more than I ever have before in my life! And I am a lady that hates jeans. I remember at the beginning of my pregnancy writing a post about maternity style and how I wasn't going to stop making the effort. Well, I stopped making the effort. Even jeans are too uncomfortable some days and I just keep my PJ bottoms on instead. I complained that it was hard to find fashionable maternity clothes. I still think that's true but I can also understand it: almost all pregnant women live in jeans or leggings, so why make hundreds of pretty dresses (that look like tents anyway).

 - It hurts a lot more than I expected - and it isn't glamorous or beautiful at all! In the movies pregnant women float around looking serene and at peace, waiting for their babies to arrive. If this is how it's supposed to be then someone didn't give my body/baby that memo! Last week I pulled a muscle in my back from trying to bend over to put one of my socks on. Combine this with the constant backache, stomach cramps, indigestion and other unmentionable ailments, and I think I can safely say that pregnancy is the least glamorous or serene thing I have ever done!

- On a positive note, It reminds me alot of being a student. The past few weeks of pregnancy have been like a free pass to nap whenever I want to, watch a lot of daytime TV, and eat snacks whenever I want to (I don't have enough tummy space for full meals anymore, so snacks are the way forward) Effectively it's just like my student days, but without the all night drinking (which has been replaced by all night peeing instead!) And i'm making the most of the rest while I can!

- Nesting is a real thing. Who knew?! I hate cleaning as much as the next sane woman with better things to do with her life. But in the past month of so I have cleaned every corner of my house from top to bottom. I've emptied every cupboard, just to scrub, tidy, and rearrange it. I've completely redecorated some rooms. The thought of dust and dirt and disorder makes me feel anxious: it's like an itch that only cleaning can cure!

- Finally,  you actually do love your baby before you've even met him. This is another one of those movie things I thought was a Hollywood cliche. But it turned out to be true: from the minute I heard the heartbeat I fell in love. Then I fell in love even harder the first time he kicked. And now I laugh like a lunatic everytime he  squirms inside me: I talk to him like he's a real person, even though I don't even know what his face looks like! Yup, it's real love.

We're now just 1 week and 2 days away from our due date, so it seemed like the perfect time to sit down and reflect on everything that's happened over the past 9 months. Hopefully the next time I mention anything baby related on the site, it will be to tell you that the little man has arrived! Wish me luck!

Love Tor xx


daisychain said...

this post has made me so excited to have a baby one day...

all the best for your little one's arrival :)


Jet Shanahan said...

This makes me want to squeal with glee. I'm not a baby person but the idea of someone else having one is always really exciting.


bexkee said...

I'm so excited for you and I'm not even a baby type person! : )