Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Selfridges Christmas windows 2011

Hi guys,
Today is the first day that I have felt really Christmassy this year! First Reena (of Fashion Daydreams) invited me to the opening of the ice skating at Somerset House where we skated, drank hot chocolate, and ate yummy Tiffany's cupcakes. Then we indulged in my favourite Christmas retail experience: looking at the gorgeous Selfridges Christmas window display.

I have to say, the displays were much more minimalist this year than in previous years. In lieu of last year's moving Santas, this year each window was white, with a mixture of angels, reindeer, and much more emphasis on fashion:
Although I loved all of the white dresses and lust-worthy silver accessories, I have to say the sophisticated Christmas just isn't for me! My tree at home is covered in sequinned pink and purple decorations, and I love Christmas because it's the one time of year everything can be bright, garish, and tasteless. In a world where taste is everything, Christmas is like a blessed relief. I say bring back the pantomime theme of 2009: it was my absolute favourite window display of all time!

In my next journey into festivity, I will be attempting to construct a sleigh for my nephews Christmas presents using a cardboard box, some tin foil, and red sticky back plastic. I'll let you know how I get on....

Love Tor xx

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