Monday, 28 November 2011

The great big surgery debate


Hi guys,
Everyone has body hang ups. I have good days and bad days, but I’m not unaware of the fact that I am round in the middle and I have bingo wings that still shake long after my arms are still. It’s just that I’m accepting of them, if not actually in love with them! Which I think is why I find debates about plastic surgery so interesting (especially those infamous and judgmental stories you read on the Daily Mail).

I’d like to say I’d never consider cosmetic surgery but it’s not quite true. Just before my wedding I spent hours researching laser liposuction, only to ultimately make the decision that it just wasn’t for me. Aside from the expense (which would have meant I would've had to have a much smaller wedding dress) and my wimpish fear of any pain, I made the decision that I want to be happy with what I’ve got, flaws and all, no matter how hard that seems some days! That's in part why I started this blog: to show that people who love fashion come in all different shapes and sizes.

Everyone creates fantasy surgery lists (or at least, my friends and I do after we've had a couple of drinks!) A spot of lipo here, a chin implant there (just me?!), rhinoplasty, and more work on boobs than you can bear to think about!

Of course, that's all it is: a fantasy. Everyone says they'd have all the surgery in the world, but in reality, I don't actually think I know anyone that would go through with it.

But that doesn’t mean I’m anti-plastic surgery. I think for some people, it’s the right decision to make. If you spend your life being so unhappy with something about your body that it affects your relationships both with other people and yourself, then what's the harm in changing it? If you can afford it, and it will enrich your life in some way, that's an individual decision. Unless you get addicted and start to look like Katie Price, of course. That's a whole other story....

How do you feel about plastic surgery? Is it something you would consider or definitely not for you?

Love Tor

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