Wednesday, 23 November 2011

River Island S/S preview

Hi guys,
This morning I popped to the River Island S/S press day. Now you all know I'm a massive fan of River Island, and I get half of my dresses from there (they fit my shape like a dream) so I was especially excited to see what I would be wearing next season. Prepare for a picture heavy post:
These two pieces were from the Sugar collection: the most overtly feminine trend and my favourite one! It featured lots of lovely pastels, chiffons, applique flowes, and all of the fabrics were floaty and sheer. Some of these tops and dresses were just made to be toughened up with denim and leather: perfect!
The collection was divided into 6 trends: Miami, Spring Break, Prairie, Ehtnic, Purist, and Sugar.

The acid brights and extrovert patterns of the Miami trend were the most eyecatching (and looked the best in photographs too) although not to my personal tastes. I did however love all the beaded and embellished accessories of the ethnic trend: that oversized beaded bag has my name written all over it!

As I sit here typing, wearing a sea of black and smothered in cozy knitwear, I'm already beginning to see the appeal of a new lighter, brighter Spring wardrobe!

Love Tor xx


Jettica said...

Is it me or does all this look a bit nineties?

Normally I LOVE River Island but none of this is jumping out at me. Clearly I'm not in the SS state of mind.

Actually, I do like some of those bright hi-top trainers.

cococerys said...

yeah I got to agree some of the stuff isn't my cup of tea :S like those pastel heels? Very austin powers haha...gotta say there's absolutely TONS I want off the website right now though! xx

girlinthecity said...

oooh, was sure this was designer when I first spied your pics - quite fashion forward for River Island.

love the hi-tops but secretly coveting a nice plain white pair myself

a x
Girl in the city Glasgow

Love Sushi and Fashion said...

Oh It looks so beautiful! Have a lovely day. <3<3