Sunday, 25 October 2009

Saturday morning shopping haul

So yesterday morning I spent an hour in possibly the ugliest of London's shopping centres; externally at least. Inside it's quite nice, but outside it makes my heart sink everytime I drive passed it. Yes, i'm talking about the eyesore that is Brent cross. I only really popped in on my way to the supermarket so that I could go to Topshop and check out the sale. And to be honest I found it pretty disapointing; on the website there were loads of dresses that I wanted but in the brent cross store they didn't seem to stock anything in a size bigger than a 10. So sadly I will have to go to the mayhem of the oxford street store to pick them up. However I did get some stuff. (Don't I always!?) And here it is:


Skirt £15, Headband from £8 to £4, Necklace from £15 to £7. I love the pattern on this skirt which fits incredibly well; skulls and skeletons dressed to look like pretty ladies. Yum! The bow headband is another for my growing collection; more subtle than the rest. However the piece that I am most impressed with is the necklace. Only last week I mentioned how much I love cameos and you can have no idea how much it excites me to have this oversized one dangling from my neck!

River Island


Reduced from £34.99 to £12. This tunic is a funny length between a top and a dress but i'm going to style it with leggings and worn over a slightly longer line vest.
There are sales everywhere at the minute, I just wasn't really feeling like shopping this morning (I know, not like me!!) and so I only went into two shops and was in and out of the mall within an hour. However anyone smart who likes to plan ahead should be thinking about their Christmas presents whilst the prices are reduced. Thats my advice anyway! You can guarentee they won't be in December and the half price topshop jewellery really will make great gifts for girlfriends!
While I'm talking about Christmas I was disconcerted to hear today that my sister has now finshed her Christmas shopping. Finished! I haven't even started yet. How are you guys getting on with yours? Or is it still too early to think about it?
Love, Tor xx


AQUASOL said...

hello from Spain!!
would you help us to talk about AQUASOL?

thank you very much.

KD said...

That Topshop skirt is stellar, and so makes me laugh! (In a good way, of course).