Friday, 23 October 2009

Fabfrocks reviews: Christian Lacroix absynthe

When I got home last night I was pleasantly suprised to find a parcel on my doorstep containing a bottle of the new Christian Lacroix perfume, Absynthe. This is the third perfume collaboration Lacroix has done with Avon, but the first I have tried. I opened it and was immediately impressed by the pretty bottle and the rich metallic absinthe-green colour of the packaging.
The official line on the product is that the scent is a mysterious green-oriental, inspired by "the green faerie of absynthe", with notes of absynthe, anise, saffron, floral touches of freesia and narcissus, on a bed of smoked woods, ebony, musk, myrrh and a smidgen of amber. However I had important things to do last night (like shout at the TV during question time) so I didn't open and smell until this morning.

My nose was particularly sensitive this morning as I had a bit of a hang over (more on that later) and I could definitely smell the absinthe in the perfume. I don't think this is a bad thing by the way, just unusual. I like unusual perfume! When I said this to the boyfriend however, he wrinkled his nose and asked why anyone would deliberately use perfume that made them stink like a hobo booze hound. I'm sharing this because it made me laugh!
Once left on the skin to air the overriding smell of the scent is very feminine and floral. More so than you initially expect it to be, as the original scent was quite musky. 4 hours later I can still faintly smell the perfume (this is better longevity than a lot of the higher end products on the market although not as long as I would like!) and I am enjoying it's gentle fragrance.
Admiring the flamboyance of Christian Lacroix fashions, I was hoping the perfume would be a little more edgy, and unusual. The name and absynthe content hinted at a stronger deeper fragrance than the perfume delivers, but that said, the scent that remains is nice and very wearable. I also enjoyed putting on the perfume because the bottle was very heavy, making it feel like I was wearing a perfume more expensive that its £20. Oh, and a quick glance at the website shows that if you buy it from Avon at the minute you receive a free bonus gift bag containing a selection of beauty products. I can't vouch for these though, as my bottle didn't come with the free gift!
Overall not a bad perfume at all. I'm even considering giving my sister a bottle for Christmas (yes, I mentioned the dreaded C word. So much more on that to come!)
Love, Tor xx


Daisy said...

I really like the advert for this, so its nice to hear a positive write up on it !

KD said...

Reminds me of Bram Stoker's Dracula, which is a good thing.

Make Do Style said...

I wondered what it smelt like!

I'm going to be head down for a week to write 12,000 words so I might post but probably won't comment due to my deadline. Remember those days!!

Frank said...

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