Monday, 19 October 2009

Daily wear: Back to the day job

Despite my hand still being out of action, today was my first day back at the office, and it really was a beautiful day for it. Having spent the best part of the last fortnight at home, I had missed the season changing and was delighted to spend my walk home kicking fallen golden leaves and enjoying the chill in the air.
Going back to work after a break at this time of the year had a decidedly "back to school" feeling, so I opted for work-uniform black, but with a twist. I wore a military style black dress (primark) with a black and gold studded belt (matalan) and black leggings (topshop) I went for a black studded body bag (miss selfridge) simply for one handed ease, and broke up the black with my vintage lace up boots (which I picked up at a boot sale for £2, and which my sister refers to as victorian pedophile boots) and my favourite leopard fur coat (river island) which the boyfriend brought for me last Christmas.


I didn't have anyone to take the pictures for me, so I experimented with my self timer for the first time and didn't quite get the angles right; I hope that explains the dodgy self-portrait shots, but I do look forward to getting better at it! Here are some of the outfit details set in the great outdoors- I was so excited not to be stuck in the house that I couldn't resist:
I collect brooches and adore cameos: I have loads of them! This particular lady was an MA graduation gift from my boyfriend
Bag from Miss Selfridges. £10 in the sale. Bargain!
This ring is so oversized it fills my whole hand!! Also Miss Selfridges. £9.

Looking at these pictures has also made me realise how long my hair is getting; it really needs colouring, and hasn't been cut for ages. However I don't dislike it the length it is. What do you think? To leave it to grow, or to cut it back into its usual bob? Decisions decisions!!

Love, Tor xx

PS - It's good to be back, and usual daily blogging should now resume (albeit typed slowly!!)


_whtvr said...

#ILOVEEE the miss selfridge bag. Tried to purchase them from the site but it won't (the stupid site doesn't reconise my zippcode):(

The Style PA said...

Welcome back to blogland!

Make Do Style said...

Oh long hair it is fab!
Glad you are out an about again.

gleenn said...

loved your furry coat and bag girl, they're really fancy.

i wonder how you manage writing posts with your hand. hope it gets back to normal soon. ;)

DeenaBeena said...

Glad to see you are back out and about. Work- bleeeeeugh! But how else are you going to fund your trips to Brent Cross? :-)

Oh and that ring- WOWZERS!!