Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Etsy obsession of the week: teeny tiny skulls

Hi guys,
I came across this etsy store via the Style Child blog last week, but I can't stop thinking about it and looking at it. A necklace from Moon Raven Designs is now firmly on the top of my wish list. And before I attempt to use inadequate words to explain why, i'm going to show you: The pieces from top to bottom are a raven's claw, a bat skull, and a crow skull. The description on the site explains how these pieces are made (this one is for the second piece, the bats skull) This hot cast bronze bat skull is made from a real brown bat that died of natural causes. It is made of solid bronze, not plated white metal. This nicely detailed skull only measures 1" long not including the bail. The easily removable lower jaw is fully articulated, opening and closing just like the original skull.
I find anatomy fascinating and it's incredible to me that you can have a working version of something so delicate and intricate and amazing (look at me gush!) hanging from your neck. I appreciate that to some people these necklaces seem a little morbid and to others a little scary, but to me they are a fantastic celebration of the curious creatures our little planet holds.
My boyfriend rarely reads this lil blog (having zero to no interest in fashion!) but I am not so secretly hoping that nearer the festive period he checks it out for gift ideas and finds this neatly wrapped up post complete with link sitting and waiting for him. Like KD, it's the bats skull that I love most, by the way (cough, cough, hint, hint!)
Yours not-so-subtly, Tor xx

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KD said...

You write so much better than I do, haha. (Please note: this is not fishing for compliments). It would be awesome if we both got the bat skull and then we could be blog-necklace buddies! (Can you tell I'm 15?)