Sunday, 4 October 2009

Sharing the love

Although I am trying to post everyday whilst I am recovering, I am accepting that my posting pattern is likely to drop to every other day, just for a week or two. So whilst I am away I thought it would be nice to share the love by linking to the top 5 blogs that I visit every day, so that you can read them instead of me. Because they are smart and witty and fashion-ful (yup, i've made that a word!) and they always make me laugh!

Le blog de Big Beauty

This woman is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen (plus size or otherwise) and reading her blog leaves you feeling in awe of her. The photography is beautiful and she is very witty, both about her size and her life (even in translation from her native french)

Move over Tavi, because as far as i'm concerned there is a new young American blogger. KD has great style, great taste in literature, and always has little ways to make you laugh. Oh, and she can write in full sentences and everything!

Garbage Dress

I sometimes think that if I could be anyone for a day it would be Zana; she's funny, she has amazing style, and she's so cool that it must hurt. She's also started selling her belts and harnesses in an etsy shop. I want the harness with the wings so bad!!

Daddy Likey

We all love Winona. We all wear trousers and leggings for fear of being called out about "showcha-ing our chocha". We all only know what that word means because of her. (or is that just me?) But anyway, in case you missed her, check her out!!

Make do style

Stylist Kate is also mum to the super adorable petit garcon, studying for her MA in fashion and film, and updating her blog every day. She's a super woman!! She's also witty, full of information you probably won't find anywhere else, and always knows where to find the best things. Always one of my daily reads!

Love, Tor xx


KD said...

Awww, thanks! This makes me feel even more sheepish about not being at all intelligent for the last few posts, heh heh. I am addicted to Garbage Dress. I sort of aspire to be Zana, haha.

Make Do Style said...

Oh thank you Tor - you are too kind and I'm glad your alive, have been thinking of you. So true about Style Child, I've been following her for a while and am glad it isn't just me that can't deal with Tavi's inability to make sense - for a while I thought I was being an old fart/bore etc...

Take care xxx

kirstyb said...

i have actually never been on these im gonna check em out now xoxox

WendyB said...

All good picks! Especially because Make Do Style ties a mean bow.