Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Once upon a time....

Fashion has become a fairytale. Of course, it always was one to me, but this is my headline and i'm sticking to it!

In my 7, 123, 398 point list about why I love fashion, over the past month especially I have noticed another point to stick on the list; fashion always makes everything a little bit better. Take todays economic climate for example; people are losing their jobs, worried about how to pay their electricity bills and whether they'll be able to put a turkey on the table on December 25th. Can fashion take away these worries? Make couture free to boost moral? No it can't. So how is that weird and wonderful world we call fashion making everything seem better? By encouraging us to forget. To enter another world where everything is OK, and only beautiful things exist. No more black or utilitarian for us: Alice in Wonderland, Snow white and cinderella is where fashion is channelling itself now, and all to make us feel better. Now that's what I call selfless!

Take Nick Knights unbelieveable fashion photoshoot for Decembers Vogue as a prime example:

In amongst the fluff and froff I am seeing ladies dressed up for the mad hatter's tea party, cinderella's ball, and snow white's wedding to the handsome prince.

Still not convinced? Try Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter in Tim Burton's upcoming offering Alice in Wonderland:

OK, so he looks as gothic as usual, but who can resist a chance to look at photos of Johnny Depp?
I'm still not giving up on the fairytale thing though! This phenomena has even spread to the highstreet! Last night I dragged the boyfriend begrudgingly down to topshop for a glimpse of the Gareth Pugh Christmas trees promised on (which was not there but you can see it below!)...
...and whilst pointing at the things i'd quite like in my Christmas stocking instead (mostly sparkles and sequins and shiny shiny gold!) I took these photographs of the the latest window displays in topshop: OK, so I got the angles all wrong, but they are gorgeous mannequins perched on the Lion, the witch, and the wardrobe-style furniture which has been painted like a forest inhabited by an evil witch.

You can even play a topshop christmas fairytale game, and are pretty much guarenteed to win 10% off at the store I can't stop talking about (dear god, someone help me stop!) Who says there's no such thing as a fashion fairy god mother?

See? Fairytales and fantasy as far as the eye can see! Now lets all listen to fashion, stick our fingers in our ears chanting "lalala I can't hear you" and pretend to be princesses whilst waiting for this credit crunch "blip" to blow over. After all, i'm sure that's how they got through the recession in the twenties...Isn't it?!

Lots of love,

Tor x


KD said...

I love this post, very well put! Fairytales = awesomeness. Just one thing though, I'm not sure about Britain, but the Depression (recession) in America was in the '30s. Sorry, I'm a history nut.

Make Do Style said...

Fashion is always more creative during times of hardship! It is the most useful mood lifter there is!