Thursday, 13 November 2008

Comme de Garcons for H&M - Before

Today my day is split into 2 distinct sections: before and after I view the Comme de Garcons for H&M collection. Unfortunately, unlike half the bloggersphere, I had to get up and come to work this morning rather than get up and wait in line for a chance to try on/buy some of the range. So while everyone else is battling it out on Oxford street, I’m sat here with fingers itching, waiting for 5.30 to come, and praying that there will be something left by then (and that the queues wont be as bad as they were in Tokyo!)
I’ve been admiring the collection from afar for months; I need the shirt with ruffled sleeves and the circus master-type jacket in particular. (see below!) But often these things are so much more disappointing in the flesh, so I’m trying not to get too excited (she says as she scours the web for more pictures-again!)

However, provided everything looks and feels as good tonight as I hope it will from my computer screen, these are the things I will be looking out for:

And here it is up close:
I need this jacket! I need it more than I think I can express in words right now! I think I also need this models platinum hair....

Oooh! Ruffly sleeves! Like jewellery attached to your clothes - I want to wear this under a little black dress for work and team it with (it's an urge I cant control) boots and legwarmers!

Comfy and practical - not cool but things I love anyway!! I can see me slouching to work in these on hangover days and still feeling lovely!

For more pictures and the prices of everything check out the H&M website (it goes without saying really, but just in cases!)

Obviously, in true fabfrocks fashion, my take on the whole thing will appear hours after everyone elses, and I know in the back of my head that all the 'good stuff' will be gone but still, I can't help being excited!

Roll on tonight!

Love Tor x


Dressed and Pressed said...

Oh dear... was there this lunchtime and all the stuff you want is gone! But the Polka dot shirts and cardies were still there.

Make Do Style said...

Well the shirt was lovely but the jacket had gone and I think you'll find a better one else where.
No one was buying the polka dot!

KD said...

Good luck! I love the 1st jacket but not enough to buy it. I like the collection, but really, in my mind, it's no big deal.