Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Why Obama should win the election

Now let me be honest: If I were an American i'd be a democrat. Universal healthcare and choice make perfect sense to me. But as i'm not an American, I would say that from a fashion point of view, deciding who to vote for is really this simple:

Michelle Obama
Cindy McCain

Both beautiful intelligent women, whatever the gutter press might have to say but frankly, Michelle wins out in the style stakes. Whatever she wears looks fabulous and effortless (although the fact she is 10 feet tall probably helps!) But apart from that, who bakes a pie in an evening dress? And if I can't get behind your publicity shots I can't get behind your man. All out glamour and a husband with a great body and brains wins for me then. Go Obama, Go!

Now i'm going to Go (Tor) Go all the way back to bed as I feel crappy and think I'm coming down with the 'flu. Damn germs, and anyone who sneezes in my direction on the underground!

Hope you all have fun watching the election coverage tonight. There will be prizes for the best outfits, so ladies you have been warned!

Love Tor x


KD said...

Michelle Obama has a great but simple style. go to jcrew.com and search "Obama" and you'll see what she wore on some talk show where the guy asked her "and what did your outfit cost, 60, 70 grand?" and she said, "Actually, this is a J. Crew ensemble" and he goes, "OK, but I have no idea what that means" and she says, "We ladies know about J. Crew." Or something like that.

Kyra said...

I cooked Christmas dinner in a wig once