Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Pop to the shops and get me some T-Bags!

Hey all,

Now, firstly I should point out that I don't drink tea. Or coffee. Or hot chocolate. In fact all hot drinks make me feel icky, and feeling icky is not-my-thing! However when scrolling through the net-a-porter sale pages idling over what to spend some unexpected pennies on (for once, I haven't overspent this month!) I found these 4 dresses (all marked down to less than £80!) I could definitely imagine myself wearing from a company called T-Bags which I had never heard of before:

The net-a-porter blurb about the company told me this: "T bags launched in 2000 as a handbag line, but very quickly became better known for its gorgeous sequinned kurtas and kaftans, delicate jersey tops and pretty dresses - all of which are brilliantly versatile. As Su-Lyn Tay and Shadi Askari, designers of this L.A. based brand, say, "They look equally fabulous worn on the beach with flip flops or glammed up for the evening."

But I wanted more information, and more importantly more pictures! Although not particuarly "fashion forward" I really like the bold patterns (which i always find good for hiding a love handle or two!) and the thick jersey fabric they are reported to be made in is one of my favs: flattering and comfortable and seasonless (provided you have a cardigan!) What more do you need?

To google! (said in "to the batmobile" type batman voice!) What I discovered was this: the brand doesn't appear to have its own website (this shocks me in ways I cannot truly express!) I also discovered I am a fool for having not have heard of it before, as it is available not only on net a but also on,, and an abundance of other websites I visit literally daily! As well as all that I also found exactly what I wanted: gorgeous dresses in gorgeous fabrics (all available on and priced around the £250 mark in the interest of fairness)

Love Tor x


Geraldo Maia said...

Hello Torberry,
It is a great pleasure to visit your nice and interesting blog for the first time.
Best wishes from Brazil:

fashion herald said...

really really love the first and last!

KD said...

I like those dresses a lot, but I wouldn't spend the money.

Gerry said...

T-bags makes pretty awesome basics with a twist, and most of the fabrics they use are pretty good taking into account how much they cost. I'd take the plunge ;) but then again... I have no shopping resistance.