Monday, 10 November 2008

Do me daily Christopher Bailey

Now i've never really been the biggest Henry Holland fan, what with my well publicised fear of wearing colour and the fact that the whole nu rave trend was one that definitely passed me by.

However, the child in my laughed out loud in the middle of the office (much to my managers bemusement) when I stumbled across these T shirts on the House of Holland website:

I know it's childish. I know I shouldn't find it funny. But it's like writing 55378008 (boobless to you and me) on your calculator and showing it to your friends really isn't it? You can't help but laugh! (Oh, maybe that's just me!)

I want to own them all and wear them whilst bumming around town at the weekend bringing smiles to faces as I bop along! However it's not the dirty teenage-boy friendly T shirts i'm lusting after today, but (bizaarely) these leggings:

At £80 there are more than slightly more than the £6 i usually spend on leggings from primark, but I love the idea of mixing something so brash and in your face with a demure little black dress and heels and then flinging on my leather biker jacket. Taking the outfit your mother would be proud to take you to dinner in and defacing it with youth and colour and rebellion.

And I have a cunning plan (sorry, watched some blackadder last night and it must've rubbed off!) I have a pair of white leggings which I bought from Dorothy Perkins for the bargain price of £3 in the sale: a misguided attempt to look youthful and summery whilst I was on holiday in Florida. Surely an experiment with some string and some fabric dye would have the same effect right? That way I can enjoy that "I made this myself" feeling whilst still having the consumer based products I so desire!

Look at me; I just want to be a rock chick from the right side of the tracks!


Tor xx


Dressed and Pressed said...

Yay! I love some DIY. Bring it on.

KD said...

Ooooh, I can't wait to see the DIY! I love bright colors and neon. In fact, before I started blogging, I didn't even like black and I live in the head-to-toe-black capital of the world!

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